Provincial cannabis shortage

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There is a provincial cannabis shortage, no this isn't a joke (we wish it was)

Earlier in the week we were notified by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) that there would be a delay in receiving our orders. On August 5, 2022, the company that owns Domain Logistics (the company that handles the fulfillment and delivery of our cannabis) experienced a cyber attack that disabled all their systems. We’ve been told that cannabis retailers and end user customers who shop with the OCS did not have any information was taken in this attack (for once), but this meant that Domain Logistics would be unable to access their systems to fulfill orders for an undetermined amount of time. We placed our order last Friday and were expecting to receive our order 2 days ago and are still waiting with no idea when it’s coming. Yesterday it was announced that there will be a limit on orders of only 30 cases per store (which is less than 10% of what we normally order in a week) to be delivered next week. Today we placed an order for each of our stores but expect that to go quickly when it arrives.

We want to stock and sell all the goodies you love but at this point we’re at the mercy of the province and lucky to have any cannabis at all (as many retailers have had to close their doors entirely until they are able to receive another order). The optimist in me hopes that this will be resolved soon and we will be back to our normal order size next week (but I have no idea). I recommend getting the products you like when you see them. We especially expect a shortage of products like edibles and drinkables. This situation is fully out of our control and we hate it.

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Thank you all for your kindness, patience and understanding while we work through this.

Jennawae + Lorenzo
Founders, Calyx + Trichomes

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