Profile: Calyx + Trichomes 

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Visit Calyx + Trichomes: 1105 Midland Ave., Kingston, ON

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After a decade of advocating for the legal, regulated sale of cannabis the team behind Kingston’s Calyx + Trichomes jumped at the chance to participate in the regulated retail market. Their Kingston, Ontario location has now been open for two years.

This local, independently owned store employs a team of people who love their community and all feel like they’re living the dream right now. For them, the best part about selling legal cannabis is “finally doing what we were put on this earth to do.” Says Jennawae McLean, CEO.

“We feel vindicated. We have climbed a huge mountain and now here we are at the top, especially thrilled to see some of our other friends from pre-legalization meet us there too. It has been a dream come true.

Jennawae McLean, CEO

Education and information are key to Calyx + Trichomes customer’s finding the right products for their needs. “We try to have the key information readily available.” Says Jennawae, “We have an area dedicated to education where customers can chat with our team about what products they might like.” At Calyx + Trichomes, they aim to make cannabis approachable and digestible, trying not to overwhelm those who are new to cannabis.

At Mercari, we’re always interested in hearing from retailers on how they decide what products to list in their menus so we asked Jennawae for her take. “We will try a case or two of anything that piques our interest.” She told us, “Is it a new variety from a company we like? Sure! Is it a new company we haven’t tried? Definitely! Is it something that has been renamed or is generically named Indica/Sativa/Hybrid? It’s probably a no (unless the price is low or the THC is bananas).”

If you’re in the Kingston area, be sure to stop by and see what’s new at Calyx + Trichomes!