Tips on writing a good review

Writing a review is super easy.  It's just a matter of filling out the questionnaire thoroughly and sending 5 sharp and unfiltered photos with no flash.

Choose what kind of cannabis or accessory you want to review.  The cannabis you are reviewing can be homegrown, purchased from a legal source (like a licensed store or producer) and even the black market.  You can review flowers, extracts, accessories--anything!  We want to show our followers what you can buy in real life, and what they should expect. 

Make your content short and easy to read. Followers on Instagram are not there to read a book.  Start with something catchy and attention-getting. You can lead with things like "Not for beginners!" or "Holy fuck, look at that bud". Remember, our page is for adults so feel free to express yourself like you normally would (we won't edit curse words).

Cannabis photography standards

Because we are sharing everything on Instagram, the pictures you take are super important.  Please note--if the pictures are not clear, we may ask you to retake them.  We would like 5 photos of the cannabis/accessory.  Please make sure have the following types of pictures in your submissions:

1. White background photos:  Take a photo from the product with a white background (a piece of paper works fine). Please do not add any filter, just make the photo as sharp as possible.   Take pictures of the full bud and close ups of the trichomes.  We only need 1 or 2 of these.  Here is an example:

2. Creative photos:  Take a picture of the ground up cannabis in a bowl or joint.  Or take a picture of the dab on your dab tool.  Take a picture of the edible next to a cup of coffee.  Get creative!  This time just make sure you are taking a picture on a different background (like wood or grass) with the product in sharp focus.  After you submit the white background ones, you  Here are some examples: