About Us

Ca·lyx [ˈkāliks]: A protective layer that forms over the developing flower.

Tri·chomes [ˈtrīkōmz] : A protective barrier of resin that forms on cannabis and contains terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Founded by longtime cannabis advocates Jennawae McLean and Lorenzo Cavion, Calyx + Trichomes is a proudly local and family owned and operated cannabis accessories store that will sell cannabis products once licensed (scroll below to see our timeline for licensing).

Jennawae grew up in Kingston, and Lorenzo moved to Kingston for love 10 years ago. Check out our team details and timeline below for more information.

The Team



  • Years working with cannabis: 10+
  • Favourite terpene: Limonene (learn more)
  • Favourite team memory: Visiting Amsterdam, Granada, Barcelona, Girona, and all over Canada with the team.
  • Best place for munchies in Kingston: Pho Kingston or Days on Front.
  • Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons



  • Years working with cannabis: 10+
  • Favourite terpene: Linalool (learn more)
  • Favourite team memory: Judging cannabis cups and finding the best growers and their cannabis in Canada and throughout the world has been the best.
  • Best place for munchies in Kingston: Fran's Fish and Chips.
  • Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons


Cannabis Expert

  • Years working with cannabis: 4+
  • Favourite terpene: Myrcene (learn more)
  • Favourite team memory: Visiting Amsterdam.
  • Best place for munchies in Kingston: Tony's Pizza.
  • Best Kingston band: The Hip


Security Dog

  • Years working with cannabis: 35+ (dog years)
  • Favourite terpene: Beta-Carryophyllene (learn more)  
  • You should know: I am suspicious of other working dogs. I am here most days. If you are planning on visiting with your working dog, please let one of my humans know so that I can prepare for another dog being in my space.
  • Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons

Want to join the team? We are always accepting resumes for all positions.

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The Timeline

Hearing rumblings that the newly elected Provincial government would allow private sale, Calyx + Trichomes was born. The first priority was finding a convenient and accessible location that was far from areas of sensitivity and geared towards adults. Calyx + Trichomes secured 1105 Midland Ave.


Provincial government announces cannabis will be sold in private retail so stores like Calyx + Trichomes can become licensed as a safe place for adults to purchase legal cannabis. With few details about what private sales would look like, Calyx + Trichomes worked with their legal team and studied regulation and requirements in other provinces allowing private sale to prepare.


Calyx + Trichomes design process begins. The vision was to have a safe, accessible, adult environment to purchase cannabis in. Because there was no clear indication on what security requirements would look like in Ontario, Calyx + Trichomes designed the space so it would meet or exceed the requirements in other provinces.


The team at Calyx + Trichomes started volunteering for candidates in the municipal election as a way to stay involved. After one debate, it became clear that Calyx + Trichomes (and other local businesses and community members) would have to start a cannabis advocacy group. Safer Kingston was born! Safer Kingston's main priority was to inform city council and residents of Kingston that opting out of legal cannabis sales is opting into illegal cannabis sales.


Cannabis is legalized for recreational use in Canada. The Cannabis Act also comes into effect.  


Calyx + Trichomes construction begins! Because Calyx + Trichomes is in a newly constructed space, it was a complete blank canvas and everything was custom built from the ground up.  


3 days before Calyx + Trichomes was supposed to apply for a license to sell cannabis, the Government of Ontario announced that it would be taking a phased approach to recreational cannabis retail licensing due to a cannabis shortage. This would start with an Expression of Interest period followed by the issuance of 25 retail licences chosen by lottery that would permit licensed operators to open retail cannabis stores in Ontario on April 1, 2019.


The Expression of Interest period begins. Calyx + Trichomes submits their EOI to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario at 12:01 AM with their fingers crossed that the City of Kingston will opt-in to legal cannabis retail.


Team members attended the city council and witnessed council members vote unanimously in favour of having cannabis retail in Kingston.


Lottery winners are announced. For the eastern region (which includes Barrie, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa), after all disqualifications were removed, Calyx + Trichomes placed 652 out of 11084 entries. This is the highest on the list for any recognizable store or business from Kingston. This phase is effective until December 13, 2019. There may or may not be a change to this timeline depending on when supply issues are officially resolved.


Construction is finally complete at Calyx + Trichomes, and the space is built to suit AGCO requirements. The process of moving over all products from midtown at 420 Kingston begins.


Selling cannabis accessories only, Calyx + Trichomes has a soft open the last week of January with a grand opening on February 1, 2019.


The provincial governement releases their annual budget, and buried deep inside it is announced that the province will start to pre-approve operators and stores so that when "supply issues" resolve themselves, stores can begin selling right away.


A second lottery is announced. A new draw for 50 stores across Ontario will happen August 20, 2019.