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Not for beginners! Rated: 8.0.

We tested Dream Gold from Coffeeshop Dreamland. This strain won 2nd place ‘Best hybrid flower’ at the Jack Herer Cup 2019! This awardwinner is 14,- euro for 1 gram.  We absolutely wanted to test this beauty! And now we understand why it's a winner. When opening the bag, our test-area was filled with an intense sweet and slightly sour smell. Very promising!  It is a very nice colored nug, we can see purple, gold and green. Looks like a dream. When lighting it up, it’s very strong, let’s say you can feel it in your lungs. It has a lot of flavour going on, and we like it! A physical high, with a very clear mind. We rate this at 8/10. An Award winner for sure!

Note! Beginners be careful! Our most experienced tester could handle it, but our "not really experienced" tester needed only 3 hits for a whole night of joy!

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