Start date: TBD.  Depends on when the store receives a license to sell cannabis.

Summary of primary responsibilities:
• Ensures all patrons are 19+.
• Ensures that patrons are not purchasing cannabis or cannabis accessories on behalf of individuals under the age of 19.
• Executes the store security and safety plans.
• Prevents unlawful activities.

Responsibilities in detail:
• Ensures no minors enter the premises by checking IDs and ensuring their authenticity.
• Ensures no one who is intoxicated enters the premises.
• Keeps track of headcount to ensure a safe number of people in the space.
• Ensures barriers are in place to prevent minors from seeing into the space.
• Ensures all patrons are behaving lawfully while in the parking lot, nearby outdoor area and in the space.
• Ensures all staff and patrons are moving within the space safely and that no one is in any immediate danger.
• Demonstrates strong observational skills.
• Ensures compliance of all Registrars Standards, and federal and provincial laws pertaining to cannabis.
• Responsible for crowd control during peak hours.
• Must successfully complete CannSell Standard certification prior to first day of work (and any other training designated by the AGCO).

Minimum Qualifications Applicants Must Meet:
• Must be able to provide a current CPIC that shows no charges under the Cannabis Act and no links to organized crime.
• Must be 21 or older. 
• Must submit a cover letter and a resume.
• Must have security or bouncer experience and be physically fit.

• $16+ per hour depending on experience and recommendation from your most recent employer.