About Us

Founded by longtime cannabis advocates and partners Jennawae McLean and Lorenzo Cavion, Calyx + Trichomes is proudly local and family owned and operated selling cannabis accessories store (that will sell cannabis products once licensed).  Jennawae grew up in Kingston, and Lorenzo moved to Kingston for love 10 years ago. 


Years working with cannabis: 10+
Favourite terpene: Limonene (learn more)
Favourite team memory: Visiting Amsterdam, Granada, Barcelona,
Girona, and all over Canada with the team.
Best place for munchies in Kingston: Days on Front.
Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons 

Years working with cannabis: 10+
Favourite terpene: Linalool (learn more)
Favourite team memory: Judging cannabis cups and finding
the best growers and their cannabis in Canada and
throughout the world has been the best.
Best place for munchies in Kingston: Fran's Fish and Chips.
Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons

Years working with cannabis: 35+ (dog years)
Favourite terpene: Beta-Carryophyllene (learn more)  
You should know: I am suspicious of other working dogs.
I am here most days.
If you are planning on visiting with your working dog,
please let one of my humans know so that
I can prepare for another dog being in my space.
Best Kingston band: The Glorious Sons


Cannabis Expert
Years working with cannabis: 4+
Favourite terpene: Myrcene (learn more)
Favourite team memory: Visiting Amsterdam.
Best place for munchies in Kingston: Tony's Pizza.
Best Kingston band: The Hip

Want to join the team? We are always accepting resumes for all positions. 

Click here to apply! 


Ca·lyx [ˈkāliks]: A protective layer that forms over the developing flower.

Tri·chomes [ˈtrīkōmz] : A protective barrier of resin that forms on cannabis and contains terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD.