NORML Canada Announces Refreshed and Reshuffled Board-Member Leadership Team

NORML Canada is proud to announce a refreshed and reshuffled Board-Member leadership team.

NORML Canada is proud to announce a refreshed and reshuffled Board-Member leadership team. This shuffle is designed to provide the non-profit with increased lobbying versatility in these uncertain times for the cannabis industry in Canada, and also within the increasingly globalized/interconnected cannabis movement.

We welcome three new board members: Caryma Sa’d as Executive Director, Jennawae McLean as Retail Inclusion Coordinator, and Derek Mascarenhas as Treasurer. Andy Lee and Alex Krause have assumed new roles in the reshuffle. Alex Krause will take on the role of Communications Director assuming media relations responsibilities. Andy Lee will take on a brand-new role as Deputy Director, where he will provide cohesion and help new Board members transition into their new respective roles. Jack Lloyd will remain President of the Board for NORML Canada, with Deepak Anand and Farrell Miller maintaining their respective roles as Vice-President and Secretary of the Board.

NORML Canada is elated to announce the appointment of three new “heavy hitters”: Caryma Sa’d, Jennawae McLean, and Derek Mascarenhas. Caryma Sa’d is an established criminal, housing, and cannabis lawyer. She brings years of legal experience and activism to help steer the Board and refresh NORML Canada’s action plan.

“I look forward to taking on the role of Executive Director at NORML Canada. I hope to bring a renewed focus on patient rights and the needs of historically over-criminalized communities, with a view towards promoting positive policy and legislative reforms. I would also like to prioritize strengthening ties with local businesses and community organizations, and other NORML chapters.”

The team welcomes her incredible advocacy spirit, creative design talents, and lobbying prowess that will make her a meaningful asset as Executive Director of NORML Canada.

Along with the ED role, NORML Canada will also designate Jennawae McLean as its very first Retail Inclusion Coordinator. Jennawae is best known for her years of advocacy work in the city of Kingston. She also founded and helped transition the famous Calyx + Trichomes brand (formerly 420 Kingston), a cannabis accessory store to a licensed cannabis retail store.

“My top priority is to have an inclusive legalisation and help the non-regulated market transition to the regulated market. I want to represent the visionaries in our community who worked tirelessly to end prohibition and have since been left out. I want to represent the activists who fought for legalization and the normalization of cannabis. It’s important we are represented. I want ensure that the heritage market, through me, has a spot at the bargaining table to shape much needed reforms in our cannabis laws.”

Jennawae has years of tremendous experience and is aware of the steep barriers to entry to work in the legal market (both financial and employment-based). In her role as Retail Inclusion Coordinator, Jennawae will provide guidance and coordinate lobbying provincial government entities to help further destigmatize cannabis and assist individuals with a history of cannabis activism and non-violent records transition into the regulated market.

Derek is a seasoned entrepreneur who helps new cannabis startups write business plans and find funding, through his firm Mika ventures. With a passion for food experiences and edibles, he is also pioneering Sarriette, a legal edibles startup with a savoury twist! He is excited to bring his startup experience to the team, coordinating the adoption and development of NORML Canada’s donation strategy going forward.

“Legalisation has been monumental, but post legalisation, there’s still a lot of headway to be made! As NORML Canada, we represent a growing public voice, wanting consumption, cultivation and enthusiasm for cannabis to be celebrated and understood. In my tenure as treasurer, I plan to work with our board of directors, to improve our ability as a chapter, to support the advocacy needs of consumers. My background in helping startups develop business plans and find funding will be a key tool for my part in us growing our reach as a chapter.”

Together, the refreshed NORML Canada team hopes to continue a 40+ year-old tradition by representing regional Canadian consumer interests, and also playing an increasingly important role as an advisor on the international/transnational level.

ABOUT NORML CANADA: NORML Canada advocates for fair and inclusive cannabis laws, supports restitution for those wrongly harmed by cannabis prohibition, and takes an evidence-based approach to educating Canadians on cannabis.

Executive Director – Caryma Sa’d

Deputy Director – Andy Lee

President – Jack Lloyd

Vice President – Deepak Anand

Secretary – Farrell Miller

Communications Director – Alex Krause

Treasurer – Derek Mascarenhas

Ontario Coordinator – Jennawae McLean

Ontario Regional Director – Paul Lewin

Prairies Regional Director – Keith Fagin

Pacific Regional Director – Kirk Tousaw

General Legal Counsel: John Conroy, Q.C.

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