GETTING THE LOWEST PRICE is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Find a lower price
We will beat sales or any promotion in Kingston. We guarantee the lowest price including tax.
Take a screen shot
The price has to be verifiable via website. Ensure your screenshot has the tax line total.
Come on in
Visit either location and a team leader will verify the price in store and beat it on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We will beat the price of cannabis from any local store in Kingston. Please keep in mind that the OCS is not a local store.

Price matching must be completed in store by a leader who is able to verify. 

Drivers are unable to process discounts.

We guarantee the lowest price in town on all available products.  We cannot price match competitors who don’t have stock.

Prices fluctuate for a variety of reasons:

-Availability in town:  Prices are affected by scarcity.  If there are no prices to match because other stores no longer have inventory, the sale price is removed.

-Another store has a sale or price change:  If we see one of our competition has a sale, we beat it.

-Our cost has changed since the last time we bought the item:  From time to time the OCS changes the wholesale price of an item (usually decrease but sometimes increase).  Every week before we receive our team verifies whether the price is still accurate.  The baseline price gets adjusted and the sale price may be discounted based on competition pricing.

-We aren’t thrilled with it:
  Sometimes items aren’t a huge hit, we don’t love it for one reason or another, they are being discontinued, or their package date is old (specifically with flower and pre-rolls but ultimately everything is evaluated).  When things are priced aggressively they become last chance items.