Kingston pot shop is hiring — and those with drug charges on their records ‘need apply’ 

Alexandra Mazur | Global News

Calyx + Trichomes will be considering applicants with previous drug or activism charges first when they open their new east-end cannabis shop.

A Kingston cannabis shop is opening a new store in the east end, and ownership is thinking out of the box when it comes to its hiring process.

We prioritize any applications with people with activism or cannabis charges or drug-related charges on their record,” said Jennawae McLean, owner of Calyx + Trichomes in Kingston.

McLean said the reasoning behind this decision is threefold.

“First of all, it would be hypocritical of us to not. My partner and I, as everybody is very well aware, were raided in 2017 for selling cannabis seeds and also for cannabis competition,” McLean said.

Secondly, she said those with drug-related charges are more than likely to have plenty of experience dealing with the product, something she says is currently lacking in the legal cannabis industry.

We’ve seen a lot of people with money, but not a lot of people with know-how,” she said.

McLean says she’s been told there have been a number of people that have been denied employment at other cannabis stores in Kingston due to their criminal past. She hopes to give them opportunities for work after they’ve served their time.

In order for our justice system to be truly effective, we need to have viable options for people to do after while they’re in rehabilitation, after they’ve done their sentence, whatever it may be,” she said.

The new store, which will be in the plaza off of Highway 15 at Rose Abbey Drive, is expected to open in late April or May.