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Week 5:  Looking green and vibrant

Week 5: Looking green and vibrant

Posted by Jennawae McLean on 2020 Jan 3rd

Strains in the tents:  White Widow, Spanish Mango, Juice Box, Ayahuasca Purple.

Grow method:  Indoor SCROG (although the screen is not on yet) with LED.

LED Details:  2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550, on our VEG 1 setting of 60: Red, 79 White, 99 Blue for 20 hours.

Gear I am using:  Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (20 gallon), Promix HP, solo cups in various sizes, Lock Down Pads, dehumidifier.

Once again, my Organic Reactor came through FTW!  As you can see everything looks vibrant and healthy (for the most part, one looks weird).  Now that we have true leaves popped out the girls can all stand a lot more water than before.  I still have to be careful not to overwater, but every day that goes by with no issues the stronger these girls will get.  I am still watering every other day (the dehumidifier really dries the room out quickly) but I have doubled the watering amount for them (from a sprinklin' to a gluggin').  Later on this week I will start adding the Green House Powder Feed in hybrid every other water.  In fact, the Hybrid feed has a higher CAL-Mag (Calcium and Magnesium) level which may mean I need to use less Organic Reactor (which is actually made of bat shit and bone meal--which, in times of heavy applications makes my whole basement smell for a few hours).  Anyways, looking good, we'll see what happens this week!  Time to multiply those roots and get a canopy started!

Strain name:  Spanish Mango
Genetics:  An early phenotype of Soma's Somango bred out by a friend in the North of Spain.
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Average
Level of difficulty: Medium
Notes:  Looking pretty healthy and happy!  I am seeing true leaves coming out, and while there is one deformity I think by the next set of leaves that will resolve itself.  It's not like the White Widow which is CRAZY deformed!

Strain name:  White Widow
Genetics:  Brazilian X South Indian
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes:  Gee, I wish I hadn't taken this picture somehow upside down?  This one is looking so friggin weird it's freaking me out.  I need to see some more true leaves appear, because right now there is zero internodal distance.  It is so bizarre.  I had to double check it wasn't an auto!  Now these early deformities usually correct themselves so I want to give it a chance because it's otherwise healthy.  Ultimately I want to have four DIFFERENT strains so I'll hold off as long as possible before making a decision to chop it and replant the extra Juice Box I have in it's place.  If the growth pace can keep up with the others I won't murder it.  But if it starts to lag behind I will make a critical decision and murder it.

Strain name:  Ayahuasca Purple
Genetics:  Red River Delta X Masterkush
Flowering time:  9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes: I mean, my photography is.....*chefs kiss*...good thing I also took a mediocre video!  Looking really great and even stretching a little bit so there is some internodal distance (especially compared to the White Widow which is basically growing like a clover!)  This one seems to be the furthest along, and strongest overall (it was also the first to germinate out of the bunch!)  I am excited to see how this one goes!

Strain name:  Juice Box
Genetics:  (Cannalope Haze X Juanita La Lagrimosa) X Jack The Ripper
Flowering time:  10 weeks
Yield:  Average - Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes: I am convinced the camera flipped around itself...Both the main one and the back up are looking healthy (the back up looks much healthier than the White Widow and is seriously in contention for replacing it!).  Of all the strains I am most looking forward to this one--the taste is out of this world (which is why I also wouldn't be heartbroken if I lost the weird-ass White Widow at this point!)