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Week 10:  Switched the pots around!

Week 10: Switched the pots around!

Posted by Jennawae McLean on 2020 Feb 9th

Strains in the tents: White Widow, Spanish Mango, Juice Box, Ayahuasca Purple.

Grow method: Indoor SCROG with LED.

LED Details: 2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550, on our VEG 3 setting of 90: Red, 99 White, 90 Blue for 18 hours.

Gear I am using: Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (20 gallon), Promix HP, solo cups in various sizes, Lock Down Pads, Greenhouse Powder Feed.

Sorry for the late update!  So this week I moved all my pots around.  The strains in the bigger tents were not filling out as fast as I thought they would and the strains in the smaller tents WERE filling in as quick as I thought they would so I just switched them.  This will give the strains with bigger internodal spacing a chance to stretch and the ones with less spacing a chance to catch up to the bigger ones.  I started noticing that the tents with bigger leaves (Ayahuasca Purple and Spanish Mango) were actually pushing the screen up as they grew (which is kinda a pain because I want them to grow horizontally towards the edges of the tent).  I'm hoping at this point I only have 2 or 3 more weeks before I can switch over to flower.  At this point I would say my experiment of only growing 4 plants in the same space as 30 is going well...the best test will realistically be my final yield, but I am feeling pretty good about it.  Next grow I might go up to 30 gallons

Strain name: Spanish Mango
Genetics: An early phenotype of Soma's Somango bred out by a friend in the North of Spain.
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Average
Level of difficulty: Medium
Notes:  The Spanish Mango was not filling up the 120cm2 tent so I really thought it was important to switch it with the Juice box.  Don't mind the brown water.  I use soft pots which are ideal for root structure and prevents binding.  But it can get a little messy.  I had just watered here.  Because I have the dehumidifier in the tent as well I find that the water dries up pretty quickly (and actually in some cases too quickly).  These broad leaves are becoming a bit of a problem.  As they grow they push the screen up, which affects the SCROG training that I'm doing.  The screen was originally set about a foot from the surface and this week it was like at waist level.  The crazy big leave are also kind blocking the new growth and just taking over.  So I started pruning in select areas--just to make sure it would stretch the full way out.

Strain name: White Widow
Genetics: Brazilian X South Indian
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Heavy
Level of difficulty: Easy
Notes: Super impressed with the density and growth in the White Widow tent since I moved it over to the smaller space.  This one also STINKS!  In the best possible way.  It smells like a cross between brewing coffee and a skunks a really good way.  And the thing is it isn't even in flower yet!  I choose not to use carbon filters and usually you can smell my heat score of a grow room from my driveway (it's been literally commented on before).  Mind you I'm usually growing way more, so we'll see if 4 plants cuts down on both watering AND smell.

Strain name: Ayahuasca Purple
Genetics: Red River Delta X Masterkush
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Yield: Heavy
Level of difficulty: Easy
Notes: Much like the Spanish Mango the Ayahuasca Purple is growing with really huge leaves and pushing the screen up which is SO irritating.  And I had another stretching accident that warranted ANOTHER ziptie bandaid.  Everyrhing is still growing fine but I think for the purpose of scrogging I want something that has smaller leaves.  These leaves are bigger than my face.

Strain name: Juice Box
Genetics: (Cannalope Haze X Juanita La Lagrimosa) X Jack The Ripper
Flowering time: 10 weeks
Yield: Average - Heavy
Level of difficulty: Medium
Notes: Super excited to grow my Juice Box in the larger tent.  I am finding this one tends to use the water a lot quicker than the other 3 and will look thirsty first.  No real smell yet (maybe a little hashy?) but I know that this is going to be pure orange juice when it's done (which is why I called it Juice Box).  Also, we found out that Subcool passed away this week.  Subcool bred the Jack the Ripper that's in this strain.  RIP Subcool.