Choose the Midland Ave. location (even if you live closer to our Highway 15 location) and put together an order of at least $50 (check out Flex Delivery for orders under $50). At check out, choose delivery and make sure your contact information is correct.  You will receive messages along the way.  

PRO TIP:  Use a cell phone number instead of email.  You will be able to track our driver and stay in communication with them.

Same as a FREE delivery, but the minimum is only $14.75.  This is for the days you just don’t need to stock up but still need a little something!

PRO TIP:  Use a cell phone number instead of email.  You will be able to track our driver and stay in communication with them.

Our delivery boundary is the City of Kingston and Amherstview, south of the 401. 

Our driver is on the road from 11 AM to close daily. 

If you order overnight, your order will leave with the first batch after 11 AM.  

After orders leave, they usually take 20 minutes to 3 hours to arrive.  If the driver is going to be longer than expected our team will contact you to let you know. 

Orders placed within the last hour may get pushed to the next day.  This happens in rare circumstances (like extreme weather or near a holiday), but if it does our team will contact you to let you know shortly after you place the order.

We recommend ordering earlier in the day to avoid the cut off.

It is definitely better to use your cell phone number for delivery so you are able to track the driver and will receive alert texts as they arrive.

If you choose email, you will only receive a confirmation after your order has been packed but no delivery updates after that, no ETA, and you won’t be able to track the driver.  

We highly recommend text messages so you can go about your day instead of waiting hours by the door for delivery.

We will bring a credit and debit terminal to your door.  For obvious safety reasons, our drivers do not carry cash.

Between our staff wages, low prices and gas prices, we simply cannot afford to attempt delivery more than once.  If you are unable to accept your delivery (there is no adult home to pay for your delivery or you are unable to pay for any other reason) we will fail the order.

We will not reattempt delivery.

We will return the order to our Midland Ave. location and it will be available for pick up by close  (if it isn’t picked up by close, the order will be cancelled).

We keep track of failed orders.  If you fail more than one order we will no longer be able to offer our delivery service to you.

Our drivers are our regular team members, so they make a living wage and we cover benefits for them and their families. To be clear, our drivers do not rely on tips to make their wage and they are not paid at a lower rate (like servers).  Tips are never required but totally appreciated (and help us incentivize these shifts–so even if someone is out sick, the shift will get snapped right up).  Tips are paid out 100% to the drivers directly at the end of every shift. 

The new White Rocket is a company car and we cover related expenses like insurance and wear and tear.  It gets pricey!  $5 Flex Delivery ensures all customers are able to get a delivery (even if they can’t make the $50 minimum for FREE delivery) and we aren’t running at a total loss.