Vertafort All-In-One Organic Pellets

By Vertafort

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Easy to use ORGANIC nutrition for your plants!

Long shelf life, just store in a cool, dry place!

Vertafort offers users a complete feeding solution for their plants!

Perfect for flowering plants of all kinds!

Vertafort is organically and naturally produced to offer gardeners a complete nutritional solution for their plants.  One dose keeps plants fed for 10-12 weeks, thanks to its special time-release properties!

As Vertafort offers a complete nutritional solution, it can help maintain and boost plant yields, making it a valuable tool for those growing flowers, vegetables and fruits!

Vertafort is an organic and natural product that harnesses time-released technology to ensure food is made available over a gradual period of time. It makes growing plants as easy as can be, removing the need for constant scheduled feeding!

As Vertafort offers a complete and balanced nutritional solution, it can help boost and maintain plant health, as well as yields.

The recommended dosage is 25 grams per plant in heavy soil and 50 grams per plant in light soil. One plant requires roughly 10 to 15 litres of soil. When more soil is used per plant you can add up to a total of 100 grams maximum per plant.

Use Vertafort Pellets in 2 easy steps!

Using Vertafort is easy. Simply do the following:

1. Mix 25-50g of Vertafort with 10 litres of growing substrate.

2. Plant your seed and ensure it remains properly hydrated. Complete nutrition will now be sustained fort 10-12 weeks. It is as easy as that!

Organic nitrogen (N) 6%
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 7%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 12%
Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 10%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 2%
Organic material 30%

Organic nitrogen – by-product of treated hides
Phosphorous – Rock phosphorus
Potassium – Potassium sulfate
Magnesium – Dolomite