SolarSystem Far Red

By California LightWorks

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  • Powerful Supplemental Far Red LED Grow Light (730 nm - 100 watts)
  • Improves yield in leafy plants such as lettuce
  • Promotes seed propagation
  • Promotes elongation in long day flowering plants such as most flowers and vegetables
  • Improves dark period growth and light adjustment in short day flowering plants such as poinsettias and cannabis.
  • Allows dark period reductioin in short day flowering plants such as poinsettias, tulips, African Violets and cannabis.

The SolarSystem features the latest generation high efficiency LEDs as well as the most versatile control system on the market. This system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation.

What is the SolarSystem 275?

  • Advanced LED Grow Light System
  • Replaces a 400 watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
  • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control
  • Higher Yields and Better Quality
  • Perfect for Propagation, Veg or Bloom
  • Never Needs Bulbs- Easy to Install
  • Perfect for small or large scale grows
  • 5 Year Warranty- Made in the USA

Programmable Spectrum Control

  • Automatically Program any Growth Stage or Spectrum Mix
  • A Single Controller Runs an Unlimited Number of Lights
  • Sunrise/Sunset for Better Daily Growth
  • Digital timer eliminates external timers or contactors
  • Day, Week or Season programming
  • Smooth Transitions from Veg to Bloom
  • Customizable Grow Schedules for Each Strain

The SolarSystem controller works with one or 1,000 lights and controls our entire family of SolarSystem LEDs. The system grows with you as you increase your grow operation.