Pure Pot Fabric Pots (Assorted Sizes)

By The Pure Factory

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Pure Pot Fabric Pots are a high quality geo-textile gardening container. Made of fibers that are resistant to biological degradation but still allow optimum aeration of the roots.  Fabric Pots are great because you don't have to worry about the pot breaking (especially over winter when plastic will freeze).  Perfect for long-term use!

Sold in packs of 5


  • Designed to promote aeration of the root zone.
  • When roots reach the wall of the pot, the air is pruning these, avoiding circular growth and further stimulating root growth.
  • Creates an air barrier to isolate the root during the cold season. This same barrier prevents overheating of the root zone during the hot months.
  • Equipped with handles for easy transportation of plants.
  • Containers are easy to transport, they are presented conveniently folded to occupy minimum space.