Our topic of the day:  Topicals!

What is a topical?  Topicals are cannabis-infused balms, lotions or oils that are consumed transdermally (absorbed through the skin) by applying a cream to target specific areas for pain.  Topicals are totally non-intoxicating and are just meant to provide relief pain, soreness and inflammation (like Icy Hot or Rub A535 but with cannabis).   

Up to this point they have only been available through dispensaries.  I have seen dispensary owners make topical lotions in their kitchen sink by mixing St. Ives with cannabis oil.  All topicals are some version of this--a cream (or oil, lotion, balm, etc.) base with mixed with a cannabis oil.  We have heard that one of the licensed producers actually sells a kit that contains a cream base and cannabis oil that you mix yourself.

If you love topicals, we have some bad news:  topicals (and other transdermal cannabis applications) are not (and will never be) recreationally allowed for sale in stores like ours.  Maybe it's because it's not something people are using for recreational purposes.  Maybe its because efficacy of topicals is widely debated.  Some people love them and use them regularly, while others contend that they have more of a placebo effect.  The unfortunate byproduct of prohibition was that a lot of research up to this point has been inhibited by the government.  Hopefully now that we have legal cannabis we will start to see more research surrounding topical efficacy emerge to settle it once and for all.


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