Is CBD right for me? Some frequently asked questions.

Have you heard CBD might help with pain or rest?   

Are you looking for medical advice?  As a recreational retailer we are not allowed to make recommendations of a medical nature.  It would be irresponsible (and illegal) for us to tell you CBD is the right choice for you.  We definitely can't tell you if it will help with arthritis or anxiety. What we can say is we have a lot of repeat customers who are happy with their CBD products.  

What do people use CBD for?

We can tell you that we use it to relax.  We use it for wellness.  We use it to improve our perspective and brighten our day (just like all of our products!).   Some of us are athletes and like it for recovery.  One of us compared it to wearing rose coloured glasses. 

Should I use CBD for sleep?

We are in the medical advice greyzone, but we can say that CBD can sometimes effect you like a cup of espresso.  While CBD might help you relax it may not be restful (and might change based on your set and setting).  We usually recommend first experimenting with CBD in the day time so there is no interruption.  For evening use, you might consider something with equal THC and CBD or just THC.

What forms does CBD come in?

We have a bunch of different CBD products.  You could try oil, which is usually what people are familiar with.  Luckily since legalization and commercial regulated sale of CBD products has come to Canada, there are a bunch of fun new ways to take CBD.  You could try gummies or high quality chocolates, bath bombs, bath salts or topical creams, or even fizzy drinks or tea!  Yes, there is cannabis flower, and vaporizers but if you aren't really a smoker usually we would recommend an edible or topical.  We especially like to recommend capsules to start so you can discover your dosage on measured capsule at a time and go from there.  

How much should I take?

Just like cannabis there is no right answer here.  We recommend starting low and going slow. That could mean one puff, capsule, square of chocolate or gummy at a time.  Remember that the onset of the effects will vary and depend on how you consume.  If you are inhaling it (smoke or vape) it could be a few minutes before you start to notice the CBD working magic.  Topical creams and other skin applications are usually a few minutes as well.  If you are eating or drinking it, the edible/capsule/drink will be processed through your liver and will take around a half hour. If after a half hour you feel like you need more, have some more!

Is CBD right for you?  It doesn't hurt to try. It is not intoxicating but the first time you experiment with it (or anything from our shop) we recommend doing it with a friend or partner so you are comfortable and secure.  Except maybe the bath bombs.  Those you might want to enjoy yourself.  

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