CBD + Cannabis for Pets: Some frequently asked questions

Can I purchase cannabis products for my pet?

Currently there is no approved non-human use for cannabis anywhere in Canada.  Vets are not allowed to prescribe cannabis to pets.  We only sell recreational cannabis products for humans to use.  

I don't want to purchase cannabis products for my pet, I want to purchase just CBD, can I purchase CBD products?

All legal CBD products currently availabe for purchase in Canada are cannabis derived (not hemp derived).  You can purchase CBD products, but we can't make any specific recommendations or promises to how they would affect you as a human, let alone your pet.  Our products have not been tested for efficacy on animals and there is no guarantee any of it will work for you or your pet.

My friend bought some human-use CBD oil and used it on their small dog, should I?

We cannot recommend using human products any dogs because it hasn't been approved for pet use.  Dosing isn't clear or cut and dry for humans and can be even more difficult to gauge on a dog because they don't complain or tell you when they've had enough.  Toxicity of regulated CBD products is not a concern, but the efficacy of them is.  How can you even know it's working?

The pet store down the street is selling CBD oil, should I buy that?

No, because that is an unregulated product and they are selling it illegally.  To sell CBD products in Canada you would require licensing the same licensing we have through the AGCO (and our licensing requires that ONLY cannabis products and accessories be sold in the store, not dog toys and fish food, etc).  Pet stores are not authorized to sell CBD products.  While hemp derived CBD exist, no licensed producer is making it in the whole country.  This would mean those CBD products would have been illegally imported (likely from the US). 

I found CBD products online that ship from out of country, should I just get those?

We strongly recommend avoiding importation of unregulated or illegal products.  CBD products will get seized at the border if caught and may result in a fine or some other legal action from Canada Border Services or RCMP.  We strongly advise against importing anything without proper documentation and permission from the correct authorities.  Trust us on this one if nothing else.

My dog is dying and we're just trying to make her comfortable. Should I buy CBD pretending it's for a human and use it for a dog?

We have, up to this point provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.  We cannot recommend products or dosages that may work, and like any recreational CBD product, you would be using it at your own risk.  You're an adult, we trust you will act in good faith when you leave the shop.

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