Week 5:  We are finally seeing progress in our tents!

Strains in the tents:  Russian Doll, Sour Key OG, God's Pussy and Pineapple Express (scroll down for details by strain).

Grow method:  Indoor SCROG (although the screen is not on yet) with LED.

LED Details:  2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550, on our VEG A setting of 50: Red, 99 White, 99 Blue for 20 hours.

Gear we are using:  Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (10 gallon), Promix HP, Dollar Store EZ Pods, Green House Powder Feed, BlueSky Organics Organic Reactor.

All plants this week are bouncing back well (with the exception of one seedling).  Most plants are at least 3 nodes high, so I topped them (removed a leaf development site so that two would grow in its place).  I continued alternating our Powder Feed and Organic Reactor applications, and we are looking at lush little plants now! 
Again, because I am scrogging I will actually be removing the two weakest plants overall (and sending them somewhere else to grow).  In the end I will be left with 3 plants of each in my larger tents and 2 in my smaller tents.  

Strain name:  Sour Key OG
Genetics:  Amnesia Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X OG Kush)
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  Huge improvement across the board!  Everything is looking healthy and happy in this tent.  There is one that is slower moving but it is healthy and that's all that matters!  If we do end up moving these girls to the smaller tents with 2 each (removing the God's Pussy from the SCROG altogether this round) we will likely pair one smaller one with one larger one so the SCROG growth is even on both sides.

Strain name:  Pineapple Express
Genetics:  Big Bud X Skunk
Flowering time:  8 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes: I am super excited to see everything progressing here very well!  On top of that, the growth seems about even on all 3 plants!  We have Pineapple Express in another grow room, and I know these leaves are going to get about as big as my face soon!
Genetics:  Kush X Kush
Flowering time:  9-10 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  So one God's Pussy is looking nice and healthy, but the little seedling is looking pale (the same issue we had before--I seriously think its these stupid EZ Pucks).  Because I have a significant amount of plants overall, I have decided I will work with this seedling for a couple more weeks, but if it sucks, it sucks.  I will move the God's Pussy that is healthy out of the SCROG grow room, and split the Sour Key OG's between two of the smaller tents.
Genetics:  Kuban Sativa x Northern Lights x AK-47
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Medium
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes:  Boom!  That's more like it!  All of my Dolls are looking good and I am excited to move them to a bigger tent (assuming my other God's Pussy isn't going to improve).

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