Week 18:  Doing everything I can to keep humidity down!
Strains in the tents:  Russian Doll, Sour Key OG, and Pineapple Express (scroll down for details by strain).

Grow method:  Indoor SCROG with LED.

LED Details:  2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550 on our FLOWER 1 setting of 99: Red, 99 White, 70 Blue for 12 hours.

Gear we are using:  Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (10 gallon), Promix HP, Dollar Store EZ Pods, Green House Powder Feed, BlueSky Organics Organic Reactor, Safer's End All miticide concentrate (plus water and a spray bottle), microscope, Secret Jardin Oscillating Fan.

If I didn't have the mite issue at the beginning of veg I would have probably started harvesting this week or last week.  I think indoor growers who make a big deal of spider mites are wasting their energy.  As I've shown so far, as long as you are taking care of your plants and watching them every day any indoor pest issue can be contained and eliminated if you are pragmatic and just stay on top of it (especially if it happens in the veg phase).  The Now that we are into the more rewarding part of growing (mid flower) where we can see huge buds form we actually have something to lose if we get sloppy. 

Your chron can look bomb, but bud rot won't start to ruin your life until the very end of flower.  It's devastating and will happen overnight.  You could LIT'RLLY put your plants to bed one night and wake up the next morning with little fuzzy puffs of fluff that sorta look like cottony mould.  Once bud rot sets in there is nothing you can do and you can expect your biggest buds to be most affected.  I have thrown out full plants that were perfectly fine until week 8 of flower and they all just started to rot overnight.  

I have grown enough to know that as soon as my buds start to look as chonky as mine are right now I have to pay special attention to my humidity to avoid bud rot.  I have had the oscillating fans running since veg and last week I introduced the dehumidifier to the room (which I empty 2-3 times a day--as soon as its full).  A couple weeks ago I also cut my watering down to half, doing less watering more often (I used to water every 3 or 4 days now it is a little every other day).  The dehumidifier is helping the soft pots dry out faster as well.  I keep the tents unzipped by 1/3 to make sure there is no humidity built up.  At this point there aren't many new leaves popping up so staying on top of defoliating is pretty easy.  I want to avoid anything that will create extra heat and humidity at this phase.  Having a dense canopy creates a lot of extra humidity and at this point (any point after day 10 of flower, really) the extra leaves are just not necessary.

Here is a video from this week!


Strain name:  Sour Key OG
Genetics:  Amnesia Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X OG Kush)
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  I am going to be all over the place harvesting these guys.  I know that the tallest buds in Tent 1 (the Amnesia Haze dominant pheno) are going to be more like 10-12 weeks of flowering (meaning I will be harvesting those in 4-6 weeks).  I will continue with the normal nutrient schedule on this plant for at least 2 or 3 more weeks.  This extra long finishing phenotype gets so stinky you can smell it from the street.  The bud formation tends to be airy, stacked and sativa like (because of all the stretching).  If I am not vigilant, bud rot will settle settle in here even though the buds aren't as dense.  

I know that the preferred pheno variation looks more like the buds on the right side of both tents (the ones that look more like the Super Lemon Haze parent), and we should expect to harvest them in 2-3 weeks.  I will probably do 1 or 2 more nutrient feedings (within the next week) before I flush by feeding them water only (after next week).  I want to see more trichomes develop before I start flushing.


Strain name:  Pineapple Express
Genetics:  Big Bud X Hawaiian Skunk
Flowering time:  8 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:   The most affected by the LED bleaching (which again isn't a big deal, there is just limited trichome development on the tips of those guys--but I would rather have a couple dry tips than spider mites and cobwebs at this point so its a fair trade).  I probably wouldn't enter them into a bud category of a competition (because of the bleaching) but they would make a nice hash that could win.  But you know what?  If we entered Harry into a dog competition he would also be disqualified because he has one blue eye. 
And how could you disqualify this face?  I mean come on.  Look at that sweet boy.
Jennawae's blog:  Come for the weed, stay for the dog!
Strain name:  Russian Doll
Genetics:  Kuban Sativa x Northern Lights x AK-47
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Medium
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes:  My tent with the chonkiest buds--the bud shot here is one of the buds I am watching especially closely for rot.  Its very big at this point about 14 inches long and as wide as my fist.  Sometimes things are a little too good to be true, and this bud will be among the first to turn if bud rot sets in.  We must remain vigilant with humidity!  Its too pretty to lose!  I am sure is going to finish in 2 weeks solid and I will be smoking it by Christmas.  Because I know we are getting close to finishing this one, I am going to do the last nutrient dosing this week, and then next week and the week after I am flushing it by feeding only water.  This will ensure we have a nice white ash and smooth burn.

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