Week 17: (VIDEO) OMG I wish you had smell-o-vision!
Strains in the tents:  Russian Doll, Sour Key OG, and Pineapple Express (scroll down for details by strain).

Grow method:  Indoor SCROG with LED.

LED Details:  2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550 on our FLOWER 1 setting of 99: Red, 99 White, 70 Blue for 12 hours.

Gear we are using:  Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (10 gallon), Promix HP, Dollar Store EZ Pods, Green House Powder Feed, BlueSky Organics Organic Reactor, Safer's End All miticide concentrate (plus water and a spray bottle), microscope, Secret Jardin Oscillating Fan, a dehumidifier we had in our basement (not sure of the brand).

I really enjoy every part of growing cannabis.  After the seedling stage, when you have real leaf development, all the way through flower and including any speed bumps (like the pests I had in this grow!) I just love growing, trimming and smoking my own cannabis.  I maintain peak excitement the whole way through no matter what!  That being said, as soon as trichomes start to cover my plants, I get EXTRA excited!  Now that my buds are looking extra chonky I am cutting back on the watering, doing less more often and taking extra care to remove any fan leaves.  We need to do everything we can to minimize humidity.  I also added a dehumidifier to the room (which I am emptying 2-3 times a day).  While all the strains I'm growing are considered resistant to bud rot, mould can still happen.  When it does start you will first notice fluffy little bits that sorta look like cotton in between the buds layers.  The worst part is it doesn't usually happen until the last 2-3 weeks of flowering and it seems to happen all at once (so if we were to have issues we won't start noticing them until next week or the week after).  Additionally, we want to feed the buds and feed the trichomes, not the fan leaves, so super important to get any excess leaves removed! 



Strain name:  Sour Key OG
Genetics:  Amnesia Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X OG Kush)
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  I love the way these tents are smelling--and because my phenotypes have "favourable variation" (a fancy way of saying many phenotypes or could also mean unstable) each plant smells and looks completely different.  Starting in tent 1 on the left hand side (the super stretchy tall ones) the phenotype is SUPER hazey (which I describe as carrots and oranges)--very strong Amnesia smell.  You can tell from the side view that the buds are barely developed (but the smell is completely insane already).  At week 5 we should normally see a little more weight (like you'll see in other tents, or even other buds in this tent).  I think these will be the last buds to finish and I am going to be flowering lefty for at least 10 or 11 weeks to finish properly (which is why we need to be especially vigilant on the humidity in the room).  The buds on the right side of tent 1 AND tent 2 are both clearly presenting more like their Super Lemon Haze lineage (which is a Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze).  The buds on the left of tent 2 are presenting more like the OG Kush lineage physically (I can see chonky clusters forming) but still smell more like the SLH.


Strain name:  Pineapple Express
Genetics:  Big Bud X Hawaiian Skunk
Flowering time:  8 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  This week we are seeing a little bleaching a couple buds. Those aren't additional trichomes on the very tops of the tips on the buds in the centre (in fact not many trichomes grow on the very tips of these).  They are simply bleached--its a unique thing that SOMETIMES happens with some strains when they are put too close too LEDs.  The fact is because we had to deal with the pest issue, our plants got much bigger than we would normally allow them to (by about 4 weeks).  We can't physically move our light up any higher in the tents (and we cant lower the grown plants, of course).  I have heard some people on subreddits refer to this as "hash tips" but I think they are delusional. At this point it is unavoidable and a fair sacrifice to make for buds that don't have spidermites and cobwebs on them.
Also, with this tent, we are seeing 1 quicker phenotype (that has slightly chonkier buds than the others) and 2 that are slower.  I think harvest will come promptly at week 8 for most of the quicker one, but we will have to wait until week 9 or even 10 for the others. The quicker pheno smells like Tropicana OJ (or should I say...TropiCANNA badum dum). The slower moving phenos smell like a Sour Diesel (even though there is none in the lineage).  They have TON of leaves that are getting in the way and needing removal (which is making for a lot of extra work at this stage), but my fingers (and arm hair) come away from it smelling like orange juice and gas, so it could be worse I guess!

Strain name:  Russian Doll
Genetics:  Kuban Sativa x Northern Lights x AK-47
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Medium
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes:  For some reason my Russian Doll is the least fragrant of the 3, but by far the most robust, and these will be the first ones we harvest.  Really excellent trichome development so far.  If I could describe the scent I would say slight berry, incense with a LITTLE skunk (probs from the AK-47).  These buds tend to be stronger in effect than flavour (we had a murder mystery last weekend and one of our attendees just flat out fell asleep in the middle of it--which may be more of a comment on the murder mystery than the smoker!)  I think I will cut back on the nutrients on this one next week and just start flushing (water only, no feed).

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