Week 16:  Distinct phenotypes and added 2nd screen!
Strains in the tents:  Russian Doll, Sour Key OG, and Pineapple Express (scroll down for details by strain).

Grow method:  Indoor SCROG with LED.

LED Details:  2x California Lightworks 1100 + 2x California Lightworks 550 on our FLOWER 1 setting of 99: Red, 99 White, 70 Blue for 12 hours.

Gear we are using:  Pure Tents, California Lightworks 1100s and 550s LEDs and controller, Pure Pots (10 gallon), Promix HP, Dollar Store EZ Pods, Green House Powder Feed, BlueSky Organics Organic Reactor, Safer's End All miticide concentrate (plus water and a spray bottle), microscope, Secret Jardin Oscillating Fan.

Entering week 4 of flower and finally some reasonable buds are coming in!  Up until now we didn't have much to show in the close up pictures, but going forward we will take a tent photo and individual bud shots so you can see the formation and development.  Pretty routine week--heavy watering as we get into flower.  Everything is starting to stretch (with some phenotypes stretching really far), so I added my second screen trellis to support those buds (about 4 inches above the first screen).  Now I am just spending my time pruning any fan leaves (leaves that grow out of the stem directly with no bud formations) and any leaves that are blocking the light of other bud sites.  Below the screen the stems are staying pretty clear, a couple baby leaves here and there that I just pluck.  I am going to have to start using my 1-eye leaf cutters on the stems because my fingers are getting pretty sticky and it's annoying!

Here's a video!




Strain name:  Sour Key OG
Genetics:  Amnesia Haze X (Super Lemon Haze X OG Kush)
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:  Recall when I set up my Sour Key OG tents there were 2 plants that were growing bigger than the other two.  I thought I would want the tents to fill up evenly so I split up the two big ones so there was one in each tent.  Well now we can very clearly see both phenotypes (especially if you check out tent 1).  It doesn't really mean much, the buds may be a little different.  Just like you aren't exactly the same as your siblings, even though you have the same parents, cannabis grown from seed isn't always the same either.  Everything is stretching on these guys--the fan leaves have the longest stems!  Also for some reason I have little flies in this tent (like a little bigger than a fruit fly).  They come from the soil and are hard to avoid...its a reality of using ProMix.  I am going to put a small shot glass of wine or beer (whatever I have open) covered with saran wrap with holes poked in it.  The flies can get in but can't get out.  If I am trapping and killing them I figure getting them a little drunk is the best way to go.


Strain name:  Pineapple Express
Genetics:  Big Bud X Hawaiian Skunk
Flowering time:  8 weeks
Yield:  Heavy
Level of difficulty:  Medium
Notes:   Most other companies call Big Bud x Skunk=Critical Mass.  These plants are definitely looking a LOT like Critical now because the leaves are long and sativa-like and I can tell the buds are going to be pretty big (by how they are spaced out on the branches).  I am also very familiar with Critical, so I know what to expect--it will be 4 MAYBE 5 more weeks of flowering and these guys will be fully done.  We will also start to see the buds swell up and chunk out more.
Strain name:  Russian Doll
Genetics:  Kuban Sativa x Northern Lights x AK-47
Flowering time:  8-9 weeks
Yield:  Medium
Level of difficulty:  Easy
Notes: Easy going as always in the Russian Doll tent.  Still super stable, I am seeing a slight height difference with one of the plants in this tent.  Everything looking super healthy and developing the same way it always does.  I'm not really noticing any purple phenotypes yet, but they may still come out.  If I'm doing a Sea of Green method and cramming 9 in the tent I usually get 1 or 2 really purple/pink phenotypes.  We'll see!

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