Who sells seeds and clones?

 As most of you know, cannabis genetics are our area of expertise. Because cannabis seeds are regulated by the federal Cannabis Act, we are only allowed to sell cannabis seeds and clones once receive a license from the AGCO.   Once we receive our license we will be allowed to carry any starting material offered by the Ontario Cannabis Store (who is the official wholesale supplier for cannabis stores in Ontario).  

Right now there is a huge gap in the market for legal access cannabis genetics.  It has been a longstanding issue on the medical side and now it is an issue on the recreational side.  The only starting material that is legal is starting material from a licensed producer (of which there are only a couple in Canada).  The unfortunate reality of being in the infancy of legalization is that the demand for starting material was grossly underestimated.  It seems like a huge oversight (and if the powers that be would have listened to us and other activists they would have realized what a mistake they were making).  Now that the gap is more clear, new licensed producers are coming online just for starting material.

We still don't know what the next steps are with the licensing, but whenever it goes through, we are fully committed to carrying the largest array of seeds and clones legally available.

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