Ontario announces open licensing in January 2020

After a year of turmoil and constant disappointment, I was cautiously optimistic to hear rumours that there was a secret meeting Wednesday December 11 that 1000 more licenses would be coming to Ontario (to be announced December 12).  Well I guess Christmas came early because several major news sources are confirming that Ontario is moving to an open allocation for store licensing (which is even better than the 1000 stores I was expecting--this is unlimited).  We were told store owners like us will be able to apply on a first come, first served basis for a license on January 6, 2020 (the very same day edibles and extracts will be available). The soonest we would get authorized for a store is March, 2020 and the AGCO is committing to authorize 20 stores a month from April on.  Store owners will be allowed to open up to 10 stores until August 2020, 30 stores as of September 2020 and 75 stores by 2021 +under the same banner. 

Our real date for licensing?  I have no idea.  Even if we hit the queue it could still be months away.  The Pho place around the corner took 9 months to get a liquor license from the AGCO--I know they are seriously understaffed and there are only 2 reps working on our whole area (which is Kingston and the surrounding area).  I am optimistic we are moving forward but I am well aware we could still be months away from having actual cannabis in the store.


Click here to see the statement from our Attorney General Doug Downey.


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