CBD Products

A large misconception about CBD is that it is legal to be sold by anyone for any ailment (whether for human or pet consumption).   In reality, CBD is controlled just like THC (or any other cannabis product).  This includes CBD products derived from hemp.  The only legal source in Ontario for any CBD products are the OCS (and authorized stores when they come online).  Additionally, if you are using CBD for a legitimate medical issue, we strongly encourage you to talk with a doctor, get your license, and access Health Canada regulated CBD products.  

Once licensed to sell cannabis products, we intend to have the largest selection of CBD products legally available (for human use--do not give pets human products, consult your vet).   We will have all CBD products available through the OCS in all formats.  

If you are purchasing CBD products in person anywhere, you are purchasing an unregulated, unauthorized and illegal product.  Store owners who sell these products are breaking the law.  The Cannabis Act also stipulates that any cannabis someone has in their possession must be legally procured cannabis (that you either grew yourself, that a friend gifted you, or came from a Health Canada licensed production facility). 

If you want to do some additional reading, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission released a news release last week that very clearly outlines the policy we are referring to and complying with.  Read more here.



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