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Time to end Ontario’s legal cannabis monopoly, industry says

Independent retailers say they’re bearing the biggest brunt of these shortfalls.

Jennawae Cavion, founder and CEO of Kingston, Ont. retailer Calyx+Trichomes, told the National Post they had to temporarily shutter one of their two outlets just to stay in business.

“It’s really scary to have your entire livelihood in the hands of people who are pointing fingers at other people,” she said.

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Once booming cannabis industry ‘not easy for anyone right now’

“It’s really disheartening to see. There’s a human toll to all these announcements,” says NORML Canada executive Jennawae McLean, who is also a retail store owner in Kingston, Ont. 

“All licensed producers are in austerity mode. They are all trying to save, and the budget for staff has become much less. The budget for staffing has become a lot less because they’re limited in where they can save.”

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Cannabis 101

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are volatile compounds produced by many plants, as well as some insects. Plants that produce terpenes often produce smells and flavours we find pleasing and are known as aromatic herbs.

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