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Mississauga to allow cannabis stores
THC Testing—What it says vs What it is
Ready-to-use, pre-ground cannabis gains popularity in Canada
Kitchener, Ont., cannabis retailer launches campaign over what he calls ‘illegal kickbacks’
Ontario cannabis shop sales data circulating, provincial pot regulators investigate

Jennawae Cavion, the founder at Calyx + Trichomes in Kingston and the Executive Director at NORML Canada, notes that the move is good in general, but could be a difficult one for those operating stores just outside the boundaries of the city.

“Congratulations to Mississauga for finally realizing the harm they have done in their municipality over the last four years by opting out of cannabis sales. They not only allowed the unregulated market to flourish, they also created a false bubble in border cities where their residents would drive to

April 19, 2023
4:20 pm

Jennawae Cavion of Calyx and Trichomes in Kingston, had a simpler idea: “They should just put a range on the label,” she says. “Or, even a disclaimer: ‘Flower in bag may be lower than advertised THC.’”

March 20, 2023
4:20 pm

Milled marijuana shoppers are so devoted that Ontario cannabis store proprietor Jennawae Cavion calls them “Shredheads,” referencing the popular Shred brand of ground cannabis from Canadian grower Organigram Holdings.

Based on past experience, Cavion associated ground cannabis with poor quality, and at first she didn’t stock it.

February 14, 2023
4:20 pm

“Offers usually come on products that are pure trash that need to be moved or worse, products that are pure trash with artificially inflated price to account for these kickbacks.”

February 11, 2023
4:20 pm

Ontario cannabis stores are seeing their sales data shared among competitors without approval for at least the second time in a year, sparking concerns for shops competing in an already intense industry.

February 6, 2023
7:01 pm