Want stronger edibles? We do too!

The current limit is 10mg per package.  We’re proposing a limit of 100mg per package (with 10mg servings).


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“Ten milligrams is a great dosage starting point, and I think that as long as we can have multiple servings per package, that’s the perfect way to look at it, and it’s also how most other jurisdictions have looked at it,” Cavion said.

November 21, 2023
4:20 pm

“We appreciate the reasons why this hasn’t been addressed up to this point,” explains Cavion. “Health Canada has been dealing with a global health crisis. But it’s time for this to be reviewed now.”


November 15, 2023
4:20 pm

Jennawae Cavion, who owns licensed Kingston, Ont., retailer Calyx+Trichomes, said current THC limits are hindering legal retailers’ ability to compete with illicit sellers, whose selection of edibles is far more potent.

November 14, 2023
4:20 pm

This week marks five years since cannabis was legalized in Canada, and Jennawae Cavion, Co-Owner at Calyx and Trichomes, said it’s been quite an experience.

One topic that sticks out when it comes to the sale of legalized cannabis is the over-saturation of the market.

October 18, 2023
4:20 pm

“We’re still living the dream, it’s just the purgatory dream,” said Jennawae Cavion, the co-founder of Kingston, Ont., cannabis store chain Calyx + Trichomes.

Over the last five years, she’s seen Ontario flip-flop on the store licensing process, faced rivals trying to steal business by opening nearby and survived six weeks of shipping delays after a cyberattack at Ontario’s cannabis distributor.

October 16, 2023
4:20 pm