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Invisible Papers


The world’s first Invisible Papers!

Made of a proprietary blend of unicorn horns and fairy hemp direct from Neverland, Invisible Papers are 10x lighter than air, smokeless, tasteless, odourless, and great to share with friends.  The perfect compliment to invisible cannabis (available once licensed).

The best part of Invisible Papers?  They are a great way to give back to the community.  100% of the proceeds from every purchase of Invisible Papers goes towards a local charity that is close to our hearts as a team.  

Currently we are raising money for the Kingston Humane Society.

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Ca·lyx [ˈkāliks]: A protective layer that forms over the developing flower.

Tri·chomes [ˈtrīkōmz] : Crystal resin that forms a protective barrier on cannabis and contains terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD.